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About Us

The Sandwich Foundation works to support the Calgary Drop-In & Rehabilitation Center Society (CDIRCS), shelters, and various programs to provide healthy lunches for the working homeless who would otherwise go hungry.

Through the work of volunteers, groups, and donations, we will be able to produce and distribute approximately 8,000 sandwiches per week. The monetary funds donated by your generous contribution allow us to purchase supplies needed to make the sandwiches that are prepared by individuals, adult groups, school communities, children and youth programs, and corporate/ local businesses using supplies paid for by the generous donations of our community.

  • Bagged lunches are being made for the working homeless who are unable to provide a lunch of their own.

  • We work with CDRICS, shelters, and various programs, to identify the need and to ensure the working homeless population get the nutrition they require to go to work and to medical appointments.

  • The Sandwich Foundation is “Building Brighter Futures In Every Bag”.

The efforts of volunteers, alongside our devoted board members and various individuals, mean your donations go directly towards delivering nutritious bagged lunches to the working homeless.


Starting from humble beginnings this Foundation simply acknowledges the needs of the homeless.


We may not be personally affected by homelessness, but to feel the needs of a struggling person by giving back to the community through our volunteer efforts.


We plan to end the stigma around homelessness, by educating society through our sandwich making sessions.


The Sandwich Foundation strives to be responsible, innovative, and charitable leaders in the community.


We want to be honest and open to with the world, through Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Goal.


Amazing vision Amanda, you are making a difference. It only needs one person to have an idea, and it takes courage to carry it out. A lot of people have the ideas, it is the follow-through that takes the courage and effort.

Angela Feuchuk • Volunteer & Facebook follower

A great way to work as a team and provide much-needed food for fellow Calgarians!

Michele Barret • Volunteer & Facebook follower