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The Sandwich Foundation conduct a range of activities to warrant our Mission:

To deliver nutritious lunches to the working homeless through community donations and partnerships.

Your time and talents are priceless to us, and you can be sure that volunteering with us, will directly impact those who need it the most.

We ask if you are able to help us offset our cost as we are a grassroots charity without any significant funding. If you could so kindly make a donation of $10 per person or more.  For anything over $25 we will provide a tax receipt.

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Amazing vision Amanda, you are making a difference. It only needs one person to have an idea, and it takes courage to carry it out. A lot of people have the ideas, it is the follow-through that takes the courage and effort.

Angela Feuchuk • Volunteer & Facebook follower

A great way to work as a team and provide much-needed food for fellow Calgarians!

Michele Barret • Volunteer & Facebook follower